Why is it important to drink water in an empty stomach

In Japan there is a custom of drinking water just after waking up. Except this the benefits of this have also been proved scientifically. According to Japan’s Medical Society water therapy can cure the oldest of the oldest diseases. Except this water therapy can cure headache, body ache, asthma, kidney and urine related problems etc. Vomiting, gas, diarrhea, constipation, eye related problems nose, throat and ear related problems etc cab also be cured.

How to cure with water therapy
• Drink 4 glasses of water after waking up and before brushing your teeth.
• Until 45 minutes of brushing teeth you should not eat anything.
• After 45 minutes you can eat anything.
• After 15 minutes of breakfast, lunch and dinner don’t drink or eat anything.
• Old and sick people may not be able to drink the amount of water so they can start with little water and slowly upgrade.
In how many days what diseases get eased?
• High Blood Pressure-30 Days
• Gas-10Days
• Diabetes-30 Days
• Constipation-30 Days
• T.B-90 Days
• Cancer-180 Days
Arthritis patients should do this therapy only three days in the first week. They can do this regularly after the second week.
Points to be noted
Don’t stop using your regular medicines after starting water therapy. Consult your doctor before giving up on any of your medicines. In case of severe diseases take this therapy as only a supportive therapy.
The most wonderful part of this therapy is that it has no side effects. It can be possible that you have to urinate a lot of times. Its better to incorporate this therapy in your daily routine. This will not only protect you from diseases but also makes you fresh and active.
With help of this method you can control diseases and live a healthy life.

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