World’s Five Countries Where The Pun!$hment of [email protected]* Is Given Br*[email protected]

[email protected] is taken as a cr*uel cr!me. [email protected] should punish according to the law of different countries. Those [email protected] were pun!$hed [email protected] but also cannot stop the crime of [email protected] To stop the crime of rape world’s government and administrative are taking an action. In the develop countries like Europe and America also the cr!me of [email protected] is increasing day by day.

[email protected] [email protected]*nt is a cr!me that takes place in whole world. Pun!$hments are different according to the countries. Brutal pun!$hments are given in these five countries. Here they are:

Saudi Arabia
In Saudi Arabia, People throw banana to the cr!m!nal. Make him faint and do mu*der.

In china, the punishment of [email protected] [email protected] is [email protected] p*nalty.

In Afghanistan, cr!me of [email protected] is greatly low because a cr!m!nal will shoot on his head after four days of his [email protected]

According to the condition of victim, cr!m!nal gets imprisonment of 15-20 years or life time imprisonment.

North Korea
In North Korea, the firing team does the mu*der of them.